How to deal with nausea

Nausea is something that makes you ill even if you are absolutely healthy. Nausea is a very common symptom during pregnancy and it experienced usually during the morning. It may be accompanied by a tendency to vomit, along with dizziness. Nausea also comes along with periods, wherein you feel drowsy and tired. Apart from these, nausea could also be a side effect of medicines and a symptom of hormonal imbalance.

Coping with nausea is all about making a conscious effort to comfort yourself in every possible way. We give you some tips to deal with nausea.

Take Rest

Rest heals everything. Therefore, when you experience nausea just lie down until you regain that “feel good factor” in you. Avoid sleeping on your tummy and grab a pillow to get better comfort.

No Work

Do not exert yourself to work when you are dizzy and nauseous. It would only make your health worse. Take a break from your office or school and relax at home. Avoid travelling during those days.

Uplift your Mood

Train your mind to think that you are perfectly fine and nothing is wrong. Distraction helps to cope with nausea. Listen to music, call up friends for chat, text them, watch TV, read or do some happy activities to uplift your mood.

Throw up if you need to

Urge to vomiting is natural. So do not try to stop yourself or take any pills to suppress it. Throw up when you feel like. It will give you much relief. If you are ill, then keep a spare container, towel and water near you.

Take cold compress

Dip a towel in cold water and compress your face and forehead with it. You can also splash cold water on your face frequently to ease yourself from the discomfort.

Sniff good smell

Doctors say that nausea is often associated with smell. Stay away from smell and odour that irritate you. Sniff nice perfumes having soft smell of rose, sandalwood, lavender, lemon, orange, etc.

Stay in a clean and fresh surrounding

Nausea can also be triggered by stuffy surroundings like crowded elevators or public places. So avoid going to such places until you recover.

Do not keep your stomach empty

Empty stomach will make you feel worse. Choose foods that you love to eat and make you happy during this period. Do not go on a compelling diet regimen. Have crackers, bananas, toasts and biscuits, etc. Avoid smelling the food before eating.

Drink Clear Liquids

Avoid citrus drinks. You can have sports drinks, electrolyte solutions or even a moderate quantity of ginger ale. Keep your system hydrated but not bloated. If soups delight you, then have it.

Follow some simple herbal remedies

Boil either few mint leaves or aniseed in a cup of water. Strain it and sip the water. The same recipe substituted with cinnamon or ginger also helps to combat nausea. You can also have green tea. Consult your doctor before taking herbs if you are pregnant.

Anti nausea medication

Lastly, when you find it difficult to deal with extreme nausea, then check with your doctor for anti-nausea pills. Follow the dose as prescribed by your doctor to overcome it.

Nausea is not a condition to worry about. Dealing with nausea depends a lot on how you treat it and how you take care of yourself. Follow the aforementioned suggestions to improve your health this time.

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