High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or sustain erection during an act of sexual intercourse. Also known as impotency, there are several reasons that can bring about this change in men. High blood pressure can potentially cause ED and therefore, a close link lies between the two health complications.

Is it true that high BP can cause erectile dysfunction?

When men are sexually aroused, the brain signals the penile nerves to increase blood flow to the penis. The tissues expand and blood rushes through the arteries inside the penis to cause an erection. Thus, any health issue pertaining to blood circulation and nervous transmission can cause erectile dysfunction. This is why high blood pressure or hypertension affects men’s ability to achieve an erection.

How does high BP cause erectile dysfunction?

There are several associations between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction as proposed by doctor. We shall explain them over here:

High BP can damage penile blood vessels

When blood flows under increased pressure, it can induce tiny tears in the walls of the vessels. Your body tries to repair the arteries and during the process the arteries tend to thicken. This impairs their ability to transport sufficient blood to the spongy tissues of the penis responsible for erection.

High BP can affect secretion of sexual hormones

There are existing reports that establish a connection between high blood pressure and reduction in the body’s ability to produce enough sexual hormones. In this perspective, men who have high BP might be diagnosed with low testosterone and low sperm count as well, which ultimately progresses to erectile dysfunction.

High BP might cause venous leak

Venous leak means leakage of blood from the penile veins when it is supposed to be retained in the arteries during the course of an erection. Since blood flows in high pressure, there’s a possibility that it can get pushed out forcefullly through the veins to make the penis flaccid.

Can high BP medicine cause erectile dysfunction?

There are very less chances of high blood pressure medicines to induce ED. However, there are cases where erectile dysfunction has been a major side effect of diuretics and beta blockers. While diuretics can lead to decreased blood flow to the penis, beta blockers can hinder the nerve impulses responsible for erection.

Is it safe to consume erectile dysfunction pills on having high blood pressure?

Although it is safe to consume the OTC sexual stimulant pills like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis along with high blood pressure medicines, you must consult with your doctor under such circumstance. This is a safety measure that you must opt for because you never know when your body might respond negatively towards the combination. Also check with your doctor about the dosage and the interval of both variety of pills.

What is the ultimate solution?

If your sexual health has not been affected yet despite having high blood pressure then you are lucky!  Every individual with hypertension must follow their doctor’s advice in order to control BP spikes. Get into exercise, balanced diet, and get over stress and addictions to tobacco and alcohol.

Apart from that, do not hesitate to open up before your doctor on having erectile dysfunction. Let your doctor know if you have a pre existing medical condition or are taking any pills. With proper diagnosis, counselling (relationship and personal) and treatment you can regain your lost vigour.

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