Editorial Policy

findritehealth is committed to provide authentic information to the general reader about various health related issues including disorders, symptoms, treatments, risk and many more. All efforts are put by us to ensure that the content published on this website is accurate and credible. The editorial policy described below explains selection criteria applied for content creation, the methods used to collect and review the content, community content, link to other sites, how we distinguish editorial content from advertisements or sponsored contents, and the methods by which you may contact us for questions or comments related to our website.

The content provided in our website about disorders, symptoms, treatments, or other health related issues are for information purpose only. The content provided in our website is not a replacement for the advice provided by a healthcare provider. The website does not advise the users to follow any treatment methods or related issues. The user is advised to take an opinion from the healthcare provider at all times if he/she is experiencing any health related issues.

Content creation and review (Editorial Policy)

All the content present on our website that we claim to be our own is created by professional writers whom we have evaluated based on our company and editorial policies. The content creation team that provides the content on our website involves our staff writers who are healthcare professionals from different fields of medicine and surgery, physicians, other health care professionals, or health writers that we commission on a regular basis. The content written is reviewed and evaluated by our in-house editors. We may even get the content verified by healthcare providers who may be hired for certain specific topics as on need basis. The editors and healthcare providers strictly scrutinize the written content for accuracy, credibility, authenticity and completeness.

Any medical or health related advise will only be provided by a medical professional with adequate expertise in the field related to the specific questions or queries. It will be clearly mentioned if the advise is from a non-medically qualified individual or organization.

Third party sources

We may also use content sourced from third parties such as government sites, non-profit organizations, non-government organizations, support groups or medical publishers who provide authentic content or healthcare related news. The content obtained from these sources is reviewed by our editors for credibility of the content. In most of the instances the content is already reviewed by the provider’s in-house staff.

Content updating

We update the content posted by us at regular intervals and also as on need basis. Corrections are made wherever required and the updated version is made available in place of the previous content. We highlight the presence of edited content by posting a note from the editor regarding the update.

Community content

Our community section is free for joining where anyone can join and express their concerns or views about different health related issues. Through the community pages, users can ask questions, post answers or discuss about health related issues. We monitor the community pages on a regular basis to keep these pages clean. Our moderators have the authority to ban users who do not adhere to the community policies that include respect for other users, authenticity of the content posted and other related issues. Although an effort is made, our medical editors cannot go through all the content being posted on the community pages and hence user discretion is advised.
Linking to other sites

We may at times provide links to other websites through banners, logos or other similar materials. By linking to that website we do not mean that we approve or recommend these sites for any purpose. Once the reader moves to a third party website based on the link provided in our website, the other site’s policies will be effective and the policies stated by us do not cover that of the third party website.

Advertising or sponsored content

You may see in our website that some of the content, badges, buttons or banners are labeled as “sponsored”, “advertisement” or “from our sponsor”. These are clearly demarcated from the content posted by us. Further it should also be noted that the content provided under the labels “sponsored”, “advertisement” or “from our sponsor” has not been reviewed by our editors and is not subject to the editorial policy of our website. User discretion is advised while referring to such contents.

Our website also hosts advertisement from Google sponsored ads and links. We do not have any control over the type of ads being displayed on our website. However these links or advertisements are clearly demarcated under the headings “advertisements” or “Google Ads”, from our content.

Influence of Advertisers/Commercial influence

The editorial content presented on our website is free from commercial influence. Although we do not control the type of advertisements appearing on our website, we have a separate section to demarcate the advertisements from the reviewed content. The editorial and advertising policies do not apply to any of the third party links provided in our website.


You can mail us at bhojir@yahoo.com to let us know your views, comments, questions or complaints about the editorial policy or other parts of our website. We also welcome suggestions to improve the quality of the services being provided through our website.